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Volumetrics Diet Recipes

Volumetrics Diet Recipes

Volumetrics Diet Recipes

What types of meals should you eat on the Volumetrics Diet?

Following the Volumetrics diet, you'll specialize in food that's less energy-dense than other types – which suggests it's few calories per gram and can fill you up without breaking your calorie bank.

Go for a pound of low-density carrots, for instance, instead of an oz of peanuts, which packs an equivalent number of calories. No food is off-limits or required; make swaps where they're most bearable. Volumetrics splits food into four categories supported its density – category one, the simplest choices, includes nonstarchy fruits and vegetables, nonfat milk and broth-based soup.

You can also go heavy on category two choices, like starchy fruits and veggies, grains, breakfast cereal, low-fat meat, legumes, chili, and spaghetti. Be sparing with chips, cookies, cheese, nuts, butter, and oil.

Meal Plan

Here's a one-day menu of typical Volumetrics meals.


- Frittata with part-skim mozzarella cheese and vegetables
- 1 cup cantaloupe
- 1 cup honeydew melon
- 8 ounces low-fat, 1-percent milk


- Autumn harvest pumpkin soup
- Open-face beef roast sandwich
- 1/2 cup sugar-free pudding 
- 1 clementine


- Fresh fruit and spinach salad with homemade orange-poppy seed dressing
- Poached salmon with yogurt dill sauce
- "Minted" broccoli
- 1/2 cup cooked rice 


- 8 ounces low-fat strawberry yogurt

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